Commercial Real Estate

Marshall Associates, Business Broker
Marshall Associates represents business owners who have a desire to sell their ongoing, operating businesses.  Some businesses may have real estate as one of their assets, while other businesses may involve no real estate.  The common factor is that an operating business is involved.  As an experienced specialist in the sale of businesses, Marshall Associates brings the knowledge necessary to value businesses, confidentially market businesses to prospective business owners, address the concerns that arise regarding business financing (an intangible asset), manage the discovery process to complete an efficient due diligence process and to manage the ultimate sale of the business successfully.

NAI Norwood Group, Commercial Real Estate Broker
For clients with a need for professional assistance regarding the purchase, sale or lease of commercial real estate, NAI Norwood Group provides decades of professional experience regarding New Hampshire Real Estate needs.  Brokers and agents are located in offices in both Bedford and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  For individuals interested in further information regarding these services, please CLICK HERE.